Comprehensive dental care for you and your family

We offer a full range of general, preventive and cosmetic dental services. You can read more about all of these below.

In general, unless you’re in pain or have some other dental emergency, we will begin your treatment with a first consultation. After this initial assessment, we will discuss the results with you, so that we can tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs and priorities.

All our dentists are motivated, enthusiastic, highly-qualified professionals, who take pride in providing the highest level of treatment possible. We understand that some patients may be anxious about treatment. Our aim is to build, through care and honest communication, a relationship of confidence and trust with our patients.

Our fundamental guiding principle is to provide treatment that’s always in your best interests. We want to help you achieve a healthy mouth, so you can keep your teeth for life.


Care, quality and peace of mind

Honest And Caring​

We pride ourselves on our honest, supportive communication with our patients

40+ Years Experience​

Treating generations of families and building a friendly, trusting community

High Quality Results​

We deliver the highest quality general, preventive and cosmetic dental services

Patients' Wellbeing First​

We adhere to the strictest hygiene and infection control protocols, delivered with care​

First consultation

A thorough examination of your mouth, including teeth, bone, joints, gums, lips, tongue and more

General Dentistry

Our team is highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of dental issues

Cosmetic Dentistry

We can enhance your smile, and your confidence, using relatively minor, modern techniques

Children's Dentistry

Our family-friendly practice is a great place to establish routines to set your child up for lifelong dental health

Preventive Dentistry

Our family-friendly practice is a great place to establish routines to set your child up for lifelong dental health

Smile Makeovers

We will discuss your concerns, assess available options for your treatment, and help you achieve the smile you crave

Teeth Whitening

A relatively-inexpensive and conservative treatment to successfully rejuvenate stained teeth

Tooth Veneers

Thin restorations bonded to the front of teeth to improve the appearance of stained, chipped or crooked teeth


A hollow cap is fitted, shaped and fixed in place over a tooth to improve function, strength, comfort and appearance


A false tooth or teeth suspended between, and supported by, crowns and permanently fixed in place

Root Canal Therapy

The root canal is cleaned, shaped, medicated and treated to relieve pain and avoid extraction of the tooth

Oral surgery

Operations performed under local anaesthetic, including tooth extraction and treatment of gum disease

White fillings

Visually-appealing white fillings used for repair and restoration of visible front teeth as well as back teeth


When teeth are missing, we can make removable dentures to restore function and cosmetic appearance

Dental Implants

A small titanium screw is inserted into the jaw bone to act as a new root to support a crown, bridge or denture


When extraction is necessary, we use a combination of anaesthetics to make it as painless as possible


We provide custom-fitted mouthguards, the best option to safeguard your teeth from sporting injury


The treatment of gum disease to make your mouth look, feel and smell better, and increase the longevity of your teeth

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