Improve those Pointy teeth

The Problem: Are you or your child’s tooth or teeth pointy? Through nobody’s fault teeth can be made in these fairly ‘fang-like’ shapes before they even come through the gum. The problem may be genetic and be passed down through a family. The teeth may also be perfectly healthy apart from the shape but, the […]

First aid for minor dental emergencies

Dental emergencies can involve a variety of problems and causes. Some common dental emergencies include: teeth knocked out or broken during sport swollen gums, cheeks or lips chipped, fractured teeth broken or dislodged crown, bridge, denture or dental filling severe pain around the teeth or mouth (when you can’t identify an obvious cause) Toothache If […]

Does diabetes affect my teeth and gums?

Yes. There are strong links between diabetes and these dental problems: loss of teeth through gum disease slow healing after extractions or oral surgery mouth infections such as thrush and dry mouth People with diabetes, especially if their blood sugar is uncontrolled, are much more likely to have red, swollen and bleeding gums. The plaque […]