Improve those Pointy teeth

The Problem:

Are you or your child’s tooth or teeth pointy?

Through nobody’s fault teeth can be made in these fairly ‘fang-like’ shapes before they even come through the gum.

The problem may be genetic and be passed down through a family.

The teeth may also be perfectly healthy apart from the shape but, the shape can affect your smile and confidence.


Tooth Bonding A conservative (not drilling your tooth) and gentle treatment exists.

If your tooth is already too small and skinny you probably don’t want to drill away any more tooth to fix this problem, especially with young children.


The solution is tooth bonding.

There are bonded white fillings of many different colours to add size, and shape to your pointy teeth.

Children’s teeth normally continue to grow out of the gum rapidly until they are about twenty years old or more.

Bonded additions or replacements can be readily done later in life, as the tooth grows.

Most commonly the pointy teeth are the ones at the top and front of your mouth, incisors on either side of your two top middle teeth.

In other people the pointy tooth problem can affect most of the top front teeth.

Both problems can be helped a lot to improve the cosmetic smile.

See examples of our work, below, and call this practice if you want to discuss a similar problem.

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